Over the River

Oh Sera my friend, you know I’ve been stashing away some of the expensive, good seed that the nice lady puts out for us. So, tomorrow, Miss Lily and I will be flying over the river and through the woods to deliver it to those less fortunate. Miss Lily is getting pretty old, so I don’t know how many more of these trips she can make. It will be slow going for us. In case we don’t make it back in time for Christmas, I just want to let you know about your Christmas present. I hid it in the hollow of the tree in the nice lady’s back yard, far away from the feeder so no one would find it. Hope you like it.

Merry Christmas!

Gotta fly. Love, Sydney



I Saw What You Did! (And I Appreciate It!)

Sera, my friend.  I was so glad that nice lady gave you peanuts today.
Not on my diet. Now, you know I like to share, but I must admit the seeds
that were left on the ground, after you spilled the feeder and 
skeedaddled up to the porch,  were wonderful!  And, so much easier
for me to get to than trying to perch on that wobbly feeder...at least
they were easy to get to until those darned cats showed up.  Boy, did
I ever spread my wings in a hurry.  Thanks again!

SydneyThat's me on the left, by the way.  The "fat" one is a pigeon.

Gotta fly. Love, Sydney

What a Difference a Few Hours Makes

Hi, everyone! Sera here.  Boy, I was lucky to catch the lady of the house home earlier today.  She sure looked like she needed cheering up.  She saw me, took my picture, and then smiled and laughed. I was glad to lift her spirits.  Besides, I got a big handful of peanuts just for posing on the railing for her.  She’s nice, and she always so friendly and glad to see me and others here who visit the feeder.  Here are some photos from this morning when it was sunny and clear.


Here is the same railing a few hours later when the storm had moved in.  What a difference!  I’d gone home by then.  I had a tummy full of peanuts and decided to nap while the winds whipped up and the snow started to fall.


As you can see here, the sparrow on the feeder is the only one silly enough to be out in the snow and the cold.  I guess she got the prime seeds, though.