Happy Squirrelly New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!  Sera here.  Wow, oh, boy, was it a busy morning here!  The yard was full of squirrels this morning.  There were more squirrels here than sparrows for a change.  My furry friends all know that this cold snap is here for a few days, and there’s snow in the forecast.  We gotta eat now while we can to stay warm.

Sydney asked if I had any resolutions.  I made just one this year.  I want to be a better squirrel and share my bounty at the feeder with other critters.  It’s hard because squirrels are territorial, and we tend to want to keep what we see as “ours”.  Ask my cousin, Sandy.  She will tell you that I sometimes chase her off so I can keep all the peanuts for myself. I can’t help it. It’s just the squirrel way of doing things.

Just look at these pictures!  I’m already working on being good and sharing.  Here I am keeping a lookout.  I think there was a cat wandering through so we all scattered and laid low for a few minutes.


Here’s Sandy getting her fill.  She was so hungry she got a little crazy-looking there for a minute!


And, here I am again.  I had a bit of an itchy-bite there for a second!  I also knew the lady was behind me, taking pictures, but I couldn’t turn to look at her. I had to keep my eye out for that cat.

IMG_0826IMG_0828IMG_0830IMG_0833IMG_0834I had plenty to eat today.  When I finished up with the peanuts, I started in on the sunflower seed in the feeder.  The sparrows didn’t mind.  They sat underneath me and picked up everything that I dropped.  It has been a wonderful New Year’s Day for all here!


Happy Saturday!

Hi, everyone!  Sera here.  So sorry I couldn’t stop to visit earlier.  I was busy scatter-hoarding. That means I was busy hiding food in various places where I could find it later.  Squirrels sometimes have thousands of places where they bury food, and we usually lick what we are burying or rub it all over our faces so that it smells like us.  That way we can find it later with our great sense of smell.

I was busy working, and Sandy was busy eating.  She got most of the peanuts today. These are all photos of Sandy.  She was busy trying to be brave.  She’s still a little camera shy, but she’s getting braver.

Sandy 3Sandy 4Sandy 5Sandy 6

Sydney was here eating, too.

Sydney 2

And, just in case, you thought I forgot to show up, I didn’t.  Here I am!