News Flash: Crazy Squirrel Attacks Birds

20131213-122744.jpgNo, silly, it’s just me. Hi, everyone. Sera here. That’s me, coming in to grab my breakfast peanuts this morning. You know how those sparrows are. They fly off scared at any type of movement. We squirrels are cautious but not as flighty.

Speaking of caution, my Mother taught me to always sniff peanuts first. We squirrels prefer roasted peanuts. Raw or unroasted peanuts contain a mold that is toxic to squirrels. We should also have unsalted peanuts. The salt is not good for us. It raises our heart rate and blood pressure.

20131213-122909.jpgThere should also be variety in our diet. I will have to talk to the lady about variety. Maybe some more fruit would be nice. Now if I could talk her into a heated feeder ….