The Lady Has Big News!

Prudence and Sydney in the tree

Prudence and Sydney in the tree

Oh Sera, my friend, did you hear?  That nice lady graduated from college with all A’s!  In addition to being so nice to us, she is so smart!  Do you know how hard this was for her to complete that degree so successfully?  Who says you can’t teach a mature person new tricks?  She did this while working full time in a very stressful job, taking care of her two sons, taking care of everything while her husband is out of town during the week, and at the same time making sure you and I and our friends have enough to eat.  We are so lucky to have her in our little world!!

PS – I hope she is not too modest to put this note on her website. I WANT EVERYONE TO READ IT.

Gotta fly.  Love, Sydney.