Faster Than a Flying Blue Jay

Toolool!  Toolool!  What’s faster than a flying Blue Jay?

Nothing is faster than a flying Blue Jay except for maybe a hungry Blue Jay.  You should have seen George at the feeder.  He finds a prime place among the branches to watch the ground and then he picks the perfect moment to drop and grab.  It is like poetry in motion.  My  George is awesome!  He doesn’t waste any time.  He moves so fast he’s a blur.


Now me?  I like to take my time, so to speak.  I am quick, too, but I like to show off my fabulous blue feathers.  Don’t you think I’m pretty?



Changes to the Railing

Hi, everyone!  Sera here.  I’ve been busy fattening up for the winter.  I grab as many peanuts, acorns and sunflower seeds as I can grab these days.  I eat and eat and eat.  I’ve got to put away what I can now. If I can’t fit it in, I bury it for a snowy day later on.


And, look what else has happened here at the gray house!!  I still haven’t figured out how I’m supposed to sit on the railings now.  I could always chew through those nice plastic wires between the light bulbs like I did last winter to the light strings in the trees.  Hmmmm.



I Saw What You Did! (And I Appreciate It!)

Sera, my friend.  I was so glad that nice lady gave you peanuts today.
Not on my diet. Now, you know I like to share, but I must admit the seeds
that were left on the ground, after you spilled the feeder and 
skeedaddled up to the porch,  were wonderful!  And, so much easier
for me to get to than trying to perch on that wobbly feeder...at least
they were easy to get to until those darned cats showed up.  Boy, did
I ever spread my wings in a hurry.  Thanks again!

SydneyThat's me on the left, by the way.  The "fat" one is a pigeon.

Gotta fly. Love, Sydney