Faster Than a Flying Blue Jay

Toolool!  Toolool!  What’s faster than a flying Blue Jay?

Nothing is faster than a flying Blue Jay except for maybe a hungry Blue Jay.  You should have seen George at the feeder.  He finds a prime place among the branches to watch the ground and then he picks the perfect moment to drop and grab.  It is like poetry in motion.  My  George is awesome!  He doesn’t waste any time.  He moves so fast he’s a blur.


Now me?  I like to take my time, so to speak.  I am quick, too, but I like to show off my fabulous blue feathers.  Don’t you think I’m pretty?



It’s a Great Day to be a Blue Jay


It’s a great day to be a Blue Jay!  The snow is fresh and white so it shows off the fabulous blue of our feathers!  The peanuts are fresh served so they are yummy and tasty.  The squirrels are not around so the peanuts are all mine and George’s.  We had a delightful breakfast this morning. The only thing marring the morning was the visit from the Three Stooges.  They eat EVERYTHING, and they are rude about it, too!