TGI (a Warmer) F

Hi, everyone!  Sera here.  Well, we’re having a little bit of a break in the weather.  They’re expecting 40 degrees for the next few days.  Won’t that be lovely?  As you can see, I hit the feeder this morning with Murray and Mary.  Murray was actually out when the lady came to put the seed and peanuts out.  He had gone to see if there were any yummy blackoil sunflower seeds left.  He was so startled to see her there that he ran away on the telephone lines, but he came straight to the den to tell the rest of us that breakfast was being served.

IMG_1072It’s so nice to share this quality time with my children.  They will be starting families of their own soon, but I enjoy being with them for now.  Have a happy Friday, everyone.  This snow will hopefully be gone soon, and we squirrels can stop worrying about cold toes!

Fun Squirrel Fact for Today:

Squirrels are endotherms -animals that maintain a relatively high and constant body temperature regardless of the environment.  Endotherms produce their own heat internally, using energy from the food they eat to feed their metabolism (Thorington & Ferrell, 2006, p. 79).



Thorington, Jr.,  R.W. & Ferrell, K. (2006).  Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide. John Hopkins University Press: Baltimore, MD.