Happy Saturday!

Hi, everyone!  Sera here.  So sorry I couldn’t stop to visit earlier.  I was busy scatter-hoarding. That means I was busy hiding food in various places where I could find it later.  Squirrels sometimes have thousands of places where they bury food, and we usually lick what we are burying or rub it all over our faces so that it smells like us.  That way we can find it later with our great sense of smell.

I was busy working, and Sandy was busy eating.  She got most of the peanuts today. These are all photos of Sandy.  She was busy trying to be brave.  She’s still a little camera shy, but she’s getting braver.

Sandy 3Sandy 4Sandy 5Sandy 6

Sydney was here eating, too.

Sydney 2

And, just in case, you thought I forgot to show up, I didn’t.  Here I am!