Sydney on February 6th

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Sorry – this was written the other day, but I’ve been lax in posting.


Oh Sera, my friend today is a very special day.  It’s free bagel day at Bruegger’s!  Hopefully that nice lady will get the coupon, go there before 11 am, get three free bagels, and toss us the crumbs later today! I sure am hungry.   Oh yes, it happens to be her birthday as well.

Stay warm.

Gotta fly, Love Sydney



Hi, everyone! Sera here. Look who’s back! I was so surprised to see Sydney this morning! I almost fell off my branch I was so excited to see her. She and Miss Lilly have not been around for the past few weeks. I suspect they flew somewhere where it was warmer for a little vacation. I’ll have to ask her if she had a nice break. It’s about 30 degrees warmer here than it has been the past week or so. It feels almost spring-like! I know we’re not out of the bad weather yet, but it sure feels nice to warm up my nose and toes for a few days!




Back Again!

Hi, everyone!  Sera here.  Well, I have returned to the feeder.  It was warmer today (30-ish), and the sun was shining.  Look at the tunnels I made around the feeder. Boy, that was fun!

tunnelsGeorge was also here, putting on his acrobatics display as he dove down, snatched a peanut and then rocketed back skyward, into the tree.  He’s something to watch. That little sparrow gal is doing some pretty flying, too!

1-4George11-4George2Here’s some pics of me, enjoying the day and catching up on my snacking.  We squirrel girls have to eat when we can in the wintertime.

IMG_0873BIMG_0876BIMG_0879IMG_0881BHere’s a shot of Prudence.  Isn’t she looking pretty today?

IMG_0889BHere’s hoping you all have a happy and warm weekend.