Sydney on February 6th

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Sorry – this was written the other day, but I’ve been lax in posting.


Oh Sera, my friend today is a very special day.  It’s free bagel day at Bruegger’s!  Hopefully that nice lady will get the coupon, go there before 11 am, get three free bagels, and toss us the crumbs later today! I sure am hungry.   Oh yes, it happens to be her birthday as well.

Stay warm.

Gotta fly, Love Sydney



1-2SydneyOh, Sera, it was soooooo cold and snowy this morning.  I perched on the railing on the nice lady’s porch, hoping that would be warmer than the ground.  It was not!  Brrrrrrrr…I wish I had your fur.  Ha! that rhymed.

Stay warm, my friend, the coming weather is not going to improve.

Gotta fly.  Love, Sydney.