Sandy 1

Hey, there!  I’m Sandy.  I’m Sera’s much better-looking cousin.  (Just kidding, Sera!)  I’m not quite as brave as Sera is.  I like to watch from the trees, and I will wait until the humans go back inside before I’ll come down to get a snack.  I often run up to the rooftop and hang over the edge of the roof to see what the humans are up to.  You can never be too safe where humans are concerned.

I am also an eastern gray squirrel like Sera, and it is sometimes difficult to tell us apart.  I am usually the one who races up the tree instead of approaching the humans like that silly Sera does.  I wish I were that brave. She usually gets all the good nuts, and sometimes she chases me away so she can have them all!  I still love her, though.  She’s family, and we squirrels have to stick together!

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