Hi, I’m Prudence and George is my husband.  I’m a Cyanocitta cristata (that’s my genus and species name).  I’m a Blue Jay.  George and I are mated for life.  We met at a feeder, and I fell for him because he’s so cute!  We are frequent visitors to the feeder, too.  Sera doesn’t always like to share her peanuts with us, but we don’t mind.  We manage to sneak quite a few while she’s off burying her supply.

Blue Jays are known for their intelligence and tight family bonds.  We communicate with each other with the sounds we make and by moving the crests on top of our heads.  When we are feeling relaxed and calm, we keep the crest down.  When we are feeling aggressive, we raise the crest.  I hope you like hearing from us, too.  I’ll try to keep my crest down while I’m blogging.


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