The Ties that Bind

Heron There & Everywhere

I am rarely self-indulgent and usually put others before myself and just get on with things. I admit that my Aunt’s death has hit me hard. When a person reaches their mid-50’s as I have, there’s only so much “memory” you can hold onto at one time. Memories are there, but they get buried or forgotten as time goes on and other things crowd in. Remembering is something I’m not very good at, unfortunately. Hubby or my cousin will say, “Remember when ….?” And I don’t. I will ask, “are you sure I was there?” I think Hubby thinks I’m cuckoo sometimes.

cuckoo cuckoo bird

My family was always extremely close. My grandparents married young. My Mother was born when my Grandmother was only 19. After my Mother, my Grandmother would have triplet sons. Sadly none of them survived. One was stillborn, the second would only live a few hours, and…

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