Saturday Snaps

2-22Hi, everyone!  Sera here.  It’s been a quiet week here.  Most of the snow has melted, and it’s easier to find food for now.  We hear that the lady is sick again, but she’s been putting food out every day.  We feel bad that she’s got a cold now, but we are happy that she feels well enough to come out and share some goodies with us critters. She was out talking to us yesterday, and here are some pictures she took.

Fun Squirrel Fact for Today:  Many squirrels have yellow-tinted eye lenses.  These yellow lenses, much like sunglasses, reduce glare from bright light and increase the contrast between colors, giving the squirrel sharper vision (Thorington & Ferrell, 2006, p. 26).



Thorington, Jr.,  R.W. & Ferrell, K. (2006).  Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide. John Hopkins University Press: Baltimore, MD.

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