She’s Awake!

Hi, everyone!  Sera here.  Gosh, I thought the lady would never get up this morning, but I forgot it’s Saturday.  I was here at sunrise, looking through the grass for any seeds or nuts that might have gotten overlooked.  Those sparrows are pretty thorough, though, so it was slim pickings.  When the lady got up and opened the front door to say good morning, I hopped right up onto the railing.  She hasn’t seen me there in a while so she was so excited she couldn’t hold the camera still.


Sandy and I were hard at work this morning once the lady put the seed and nuts out.  I was so excited when she first came out that I stood up on my hind legs and almost caught the first peanut she tossed me.  I have to work on my catching skills, I guess.  No matter. She tossed me several more.  I ate a few peanuts, and then I left the nuts to Sandy and I started on the sunflower seeds. Boy, I love those sunflower seeds.


That's me on the feeder, and Sandy is underneath me, on the ground.

That’s me on the feeder, and Sandy is underneath me, on the ground.


My cousin, Sandy

My cousin, Sandy


We also had a visit from a wild rock dove or pigeon, as most people know them.  Did you know that wild Rock Doves are pale grey with two black bars on each wing?  It’s also hard to tell the guys from the girls with pigeons.  I asked this guy his name, and he said it was Herbert. He didn’t stay long.  Pigeons are flighty as a general rule.  I wonder if Sydney knows Herbert.  Rock doves and mourning doves are members of the same bird family.


Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!

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