Back Again!

Hi, everyone!  Sera here.  Well, I have returned to the feeder.  It was warmer today (30-ish), and the sun was shining.  Look at the tunnels I made around the feeder. Boy, that was fun!

tunnelsGeorge was also here, putting on his acrobatics display as he dove down, snatched a peanut and then rocketed back skyward, into the tree.  He’s something to watch. That little sparrow gal is doing some pretty flying, too!

1-4George11-4George2Here’s some pics of me, enjoying the day and catching up on my snacking.  We squirrel girls have to eat when we can in the wintertime.

IMG_0873BIMG_0876BIMG_0879IMG_0881BHere’s a shot of Prudence.  Isn’t she looking pretty today?

IMG_0889BHere’s hoping you all have a happy and warm weekend.


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