Hi, everyone! Sera here. Look who’s back! I was so surprised to see Sydney this morning! I almost fell off my branch I was so excited to see her. She and Miss Lilly have not been around for the past few weeks. I suspect they flew somewhere where it was warmer for a little vacation. I’ll have to ask her if she had a nice break. It’s about 30 degrees warmer here than it has been the past week or so. It feels almost spring-like! I know we’re not out of the bad weather yet, but it sure feels nice to warm up my nose and toes for a few days!




Sunday Survival

Hi, everyone! Sera here. I made it through another cold January weekend. The humans have been complaining about all the snow and cold. It’s been harder on all of us critters. I got a good old belly laugh out of the look on the lady’s face on Friday morning when she opened the door to find 15 crows all over the lawn and hanging out in the trees, staring at her house. Word has spread that she is good to us.

Here I am mid-day today. She was late coming out. I heard her coming and met her on the railing. She’s always so happy to see me. She calls me “love” or “baby girl”.

20140126-232451.jpgAnd, she wonders why everyone wants to gather here. Look at the foot prints all over her lawn and steps. We’re smarter than we look. We know a good thing when we see it.