Toolool Toolool Wheedleee Wheedleee

Pru3Pru1Pru2Pru4Those are the sounds that a Blue Jay sometimes makes when it is sitting in the tree branches.  Hi, I’m Prudence!  I live here in the neighborhood with my husband George.  He likes to call me Pru.

Sera thinks that we are peanut thieves, but we have to eat, too.  She’s just mad because she has to share the peanuts.  Everyone thinks that Blue Jays are aggressive birds, but we are not.  We are often frightened and scared off by squirrels.

Have you ever watched us eat?  We take the peanuts up into the tree and hold them between our feet and then use our beaks to break them open to get at the tasty treat inside.  Did you know that we like acorns the best?  We also have a pouch inside our throat, and we can carry off as many as five acorns at a time.  Like squirrels, we store them in a cache for later eating.

See?  We have more in common with Sera than she realizes!

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