Frigid Air!

Hi, everyone!  Sera here.  Sydney was talking about cold toes yesterday.  Today we have cold EVERYTHING!  It’s 11 degrees and feels like minus 3.  The lady came out this morning to put seed out and spilled the black oil sunflower seeds all over the front walk and bottom step.  Sydney and her friends won’t mind today. It’s so cold the little birdies will take anything they can find today. We squirrels feel that way today, too. We’ll eat whatever she puts out.

We squirrels have furry feet (kind-of like Hobbit feet) so we don’t have cold toes very often.  Maybe Sydney should grow some fur instead of those soft feathers.


In case that’s not possible, maybe birds could wear socks or boots.  What do you think? Maybe I should buy some for Sydney for Christmas.


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