Hi, everyone! Sera here. My dear Sydney is right. It’s pretty cold here. The best way I know to stay warm is to keep moving and to eat. To eat you have to have good manners. If you ask politely for food, it will usually be provided. A little begging on the railing never hurt anyone. Then we need to be polite at the feeder and share with others. There’s usually enough for all and we’re all hungry. No shoving and no stealing. I’ve seen the sparrows grab food from each other, and it’s not pretty. Then when eating it’s important to keep your elbows down and wipe your mouth often. No one wants to be sprayed with peanut shucks or seed hulls, and you never know who’s watching. Once you’ve had your share, you should move aside or move on so others can get some, too. It’s important to be a good neighbor.








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