Hi, everyone!  Sera here.  I wanted to share some really old pictures with you.  These were taken back before technology improved.  As you can see by the time and date stamp, they are from 2008.

Gray squirrels have been coming to visit the gray house for a number of years.  Back then, we didn’t have names.  This was just the squirrel with the red tail.  Look familiar?  My tail has been red from time to time.  We squirrels molt, you know.  Here’s something that was found online:

Molting is the regular shedding of the fur which occurs at least once annually. Most squirrels molt twice per year. Squirrels need thicker fur in the winter to stay warm, and in the summer they need thinner fur to keep cool. Large patches of fur may be missing from the squirrel’s hide if it is molting.

I’m not certain if this is me in the photos or not.  It might be my Mom or my Uncle or a long lost cousin.  We all know this is a safe yard where we can find good food and good friends to share it with.

DSCN0135 DSCN0130 DSCN0131 DSCN0133

Source:  http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/1902006#ixzz2kiM3gGrI

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